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We are thrilled to be able to provide a wealth of nutritional knowledge to you through our partnership.

By Built by Strength January 7, 2016
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When you chose to open up your CrossFit affiliate box, you knew you were onto something life changing.

Simply put, CrossFit isn’t just a sport: It’s a lifestyle.

Similar to any personal revamp, big changes are necessary in order for someone who engages in mild physical activity to turn into a lean muscle bodybuilder. For box owners and trainers, this entails educating your members on the endless merits of willpower and dedication. We are thrilled to be able to provide a wealth of nutritional knowledge to you through our partnership.

To find success in the CrossFit community, one must have a few things up their sleeve. This includes a supportive box, dedicated coach and proper supplementation. We’ll be right next to you cheering on your CrossFitters before, during and after each workout and will remain devoted to helping them achieve elite levels of fitness.

While your box has been gaining new memberships, we’ve been putting in extra hours as well. It’s a time of growth for all of us.

We know that money can often be tight at the box, as owners strive to give much back to their community. At, nothing irritates us more than seeing hard-working box owners losing money over stock that collects dust on their shelves before eventual expiry. By partnering with Strength, you will avoid that hassle.

You may be wondering what exactly you will be getting if you partner with Strength. All our box owners receive exclusive access to our unique selection of pre, mid and post workout supplements, at highly competitive prices.  With strikingly strong logistic efficiency, there will be short wait times between the moment you click “Order” on our site and the morning your nutritional supplements arrive at your door. Our relationship with your box is the highest importance to us. With, you will have access to the high quality supplements your athletes depend on to crush their workouts of the day.

With, we promise to work one-on-one with your box to create and market a custom designed website for you and assist in expanding your reach through social media and e-mail marketing, free of charge. Furthermore, when your members click your unique website referral link, they will receive 10% off all orders. These products will be delivered monthly to your members’ doors, to keep them on track with their fitness goals and increase your retention. will offer you a 20% sales commission on each member referred by both you and your coaches. Currently, our partners average 15 subscription orders per month, adding up to a $375 commission paid to you monthly. Plus, not only do you get to pocket a chunk of the sales on new subscription orders, but you will also continue to earn a 20% residual commission each month from existing subscriptions.

At, our primary goal is to provide members of the CrossFit community with the proper supplementation vital to thriving both inside and outside the box. We hope to be your #1 destination for all things related to nutritional supplementation.

Signing up for is easy. Simply visit our website and fill in the form today.

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