The Secret Is Out: Catalyst by’s Whey Protein Powder Is The Best Choice For Your Workout

Christina Morris, a top Boston fitness instructor is amazed by the results of Catalyst by’s Whey Protein Powder.

By Tory Gray March 22, 2016
Posted in  Nutrition Product Knowledge


Christina Morris, a top Boston fitness instructor is amazed by the results of Catalyst by’s Whey Protein Powder. Christina has coached for over 10 years at gyms across the Boston area and also competed in dozens of CrossFit competitions.

ASK YOURSELF: Do you have difficulty choosing the right protein powder because there are so many choices in the market? Whether you want to gain muscle or lose weight, protein powder is a key ingredient to achieving your goals and you need to ensure that you choose the right one!

I absolutely love protein shakes. My favorite has to be Vanilla protein shakes. I use Catalyst by’s Natural Whey Vanilla Protein Powder every day! It is the quickest and easiest way to get in my daily protein intake before and after my workout.


Having been active as a personal trainer and fitness instructor for over 10 years, I know the importance of giving your body the protein it needs to meet your goals. Not all proteins are created equal. My clients ask me all the time, which protein powder helps me lose body fat and gain muscle at the same time. And I tell them Catalyst by’s Whey Protein is always my #1 choice.


One scoop in a protein shake can provide you with 20-24 grams of protein (depending on brand). It is an easy way to keep your body fit while being on the run.

“I have tried just about every protein powder in the market and none compare to Catalyst.”

If you want the perfect combination of strength, rapid recovery from workouts and shedding those pounds that just don’t seem to disappear, Catalyst is your answer.

Catalyst by’s Whey Protein Powder can help with your appetite, improve your strength, help you to recover quicker after exercise and improve muscle growth.  This blend of Whey isolate and concentrate is derived from the milk of grass-fed, hormone-free cows (not treated with those nasty rBGH/rBST hormones). It is also NSF Certified for Sport which means it has been tested pure of banned substances.


Most days for me are a whirl wind – when I am not at work or coaching I am training for competitions. I try my best to always eat healthy and make sure I add protein powder to my daily diet.  It not only helps me stay alert and up-beat but helps me achieve all of my fitness and lifestyle goals. Use Catalyst by’s Protein Powder to combat in between meal hunger or take it before or after your workout. It is by far the most multifaceted protein powder I have ever tried.

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