CrossFit Regionals Round-Up | May 27 – 29

After 3 weeks of competitions across the globe, the Cross Fit Regionals have come to an end. We are one step closer to crowing the fittest man, woman and team on earth – here is where everyone stacked up in the standings for the final week.

By Built by Strength June 1, 2016
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CrossFit Regionals


After 3 weeks of competitions across the globe, the CrossFit Regionals have come to an end. We are one step closer to crowing the fittest man, woman and team on earth – here is where everyone stacked up in the standings for the final week.




While some may argue that the East Region is the toughest all around, the Meridian Region may be the toughest region for female competitors. This is a region where Dottir’s rule. Since 2009, Sara Sigmundsdottir and Annie Thorisdottir have won seven out of eight regionals held in Europe.  Sam Briggs was only able to break the streak in 2013, a year when Thorisdottir was injured and Sigmundsdottir had to withdraw.


Sigmundsdottir edged Thorisdottir out by only 10 points. In third-place, 64 points behind was a fellow Games veteran, Kristin Holte, who never finished outside of the top-eight all weekend.


Former Games Champion, Sam Briggs, who plans to retire after this season, had one overarching goal for the weekend, which was to qualify for the Games in her final year.  And she did just that, placing fourth and earning her ticket to Carson in July.


Thuridur Erla Helgadottir rounded out the stacked field and will be making her fifth appearance at the CrossFit Games, her third as an individual.  She set an impressive world record in Regional Nate with a time of 18:54.38. At the time, she was the only woman to finish under to twenty-minute time cap. The only other woman to finish was Kari Pearce in the East Regional.


On the men’s side, the young were dominant with the oldest of the qualifying bunch being only 25 years old and for some, this isn’t their first rodeo!  Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson, who placed third in his rookie season at the CrossFit Games last year, stood atop the podium. Each year he continues to grow as an athlete. He’ll certainly be one to keep an eye on in Carson.

Joining Guðmundsson is Lukas Esslinger, Jonne Koski, Guðmundsson and Lukas Högberg. This will be 21-year old, Koski’s, third straight Games appearance and also Högberg’s third time as well.  Esslinger and Mundwiler will be making their rookie debuts, but what’s even more impressive is this is Mundwiler’s first year of CrossFit competition!  He’s a natural athlete with a lot of talent. We’re anxious to see how he handles the pressure on the big stage.



  1. Sara Sigmundsdottir (650)
  2. Annie Thorisdottir (640)
  3. Kristin Holte (576)
  4. Sam Briggs (566)
  5. Thuridur Erla Helgadottir (551)



  1. Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson (618)
  2. Lukas Esslinger (533)
  3. Jonne Koski (526)
  4. Adrian Mundwiler (522)
  5. Lukas Högberg (510)



  1. Nordic OPEX (835)
  2. CrossFit Yas (807)
  3. Team CrossFit Copenhagen 1 (774)
  4. CFXY (723)
  5. CrossFit Solid (704)


East Regional


The story in the East on the men’s side was one of dominance by Mat Fraser.  Fraser won five of the seven events, placing second in another, and his worst finish was a sixth place in Event 5.  This was also his third consecutive season as the Regional Champion.  He has been the reigning runner-up at the CrossFit Games the last two seasons finishing behind “the Champ” Rich Froning and the current Fittest Man on Earth, Ben Smith.  Being second best isn’t on Fraser’s agenda this year and he made that known this past weekend.


Another Games veteran ready to make his mark is Spencer Hendel.  Hendel has been a household name for years, and after a huge Event 7 victory, earned his sixth trip back to the Games.  Last year he finished fifth overall and will be rallying for a spot on the podium.


Finishing in second place and returning to competition after taking last season off is Albert-Dominic Larouche.  This will be his fifth CrossFit Games.  Joining him are two other fellow Canadians, Patrick Vellner and Alex Vigneault. Vellner did what seemed like the impossible. He suffered a torn bicep in Event 1, but to onlookers it didn’t seem to affect him at all.  He surprised us with a second place finish in Event 2 and again when he set a world record on Event 5.  He truly earned his ticket to Carson.


Vigneault should be thankful his best finish was a third place on Event 5 since that was what earned him his ticket back to the Games.  After the final scores were tallied, Vigneault and Chase Smith were tied – yup, that’s right tied, for fifth place.  It came down the their best overall finish in any of the seven events.


Likewise, on the ladies side the final qualifying spot came down to just one point.  The victor was rookie, Tasia Percevecz, who edged out CrossFit Games veteran, Dani Horan.  Last year, Percevecz placed 12th at regionals, but impressed us with her constant progress and impressive podium finishes in elite competitions during the off season.


The reigning Fittest Woman on Earth, Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir, made her East Regional debut and she stayed atop the leaderboard all weekend after her Event 1 win. Following close behind her were former Games competitors Carol-Ann Reason-Thibault, Michele Letendre, and Kari Pearce.  This will be Letendre’s fifth year competing at the CrossFit Games; however, it may be her last. There has been buzz that this may be her final season competing.  Can she make it the best year yet and better her fourth place finish back in 2014? Only time will tell.



  1. Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir (568)
  2. Carol-Ann Reason-Thibault (554)
  3. Michele Letendre (550)
  4. Kari Pearce (526)
  5. Tasia Percevecz (516)



  1. Mathew Fraser (670)
  2. Albert-Dominic Larouche (512)
  3. Patrick Vellner (506)
  4. Spencer Hendel (486)
  5. Alex Vigneault (483)



  1. Team Dynamix (795)
  2. CrossFit Parallax (791)
  3. CrossFit Milford Black (775)
  4. Team Back Bay (765)
  5. JaktRX Red (746)


Central Regional


At just 5 feet tall and only 130 pounds, Sheila Barden, is a powerhouse.  Just when you think something is too heavy, she surprises us with her strength.  Her pure grit, determination, and faith in herself and her abilities are what make her a fun athlete to watch and after missing out on the Games by one spot last year, she used that deadly combination of power to get her back to the main stage for a second time.


Just one point behind Barden, is the white booty short fan favorite, Stacie Tovar, who showed consistency all weekend, never finishing outside of ninth place all weekend.  Also joining her are two other Games veterans, Brooke Wells and Jennifer Smith. Wells came out hot with a huge win on Event 1, but Regional Nate seemed to be her Kyptonite, finishing in 32nd, but she didn’t let this affect her.  She answered back with two more first place finishes and another trip to the Games.  Kristi Eramo is the only new face on the women’s side and the third time seems to be the charm for her. Over the last three years she has gradually improved and has finally secured her spot to the Games.


On the men’s side, Scott Panchik defended his regional title and will be returning to Carson for his fifth straight year.  Every year he has just barely missed the podium, placing fourth (2012, 2013), fifth (2014), and sixth (2015).  Will this year finally be the year he can crack the top three?


Coming in 16 points behind Panchik was Jacob Heppner. Heppner has been to the Games twice, but after Day 1 a return was in question, but he earned his keep with an impressive Day 2, finishing second in Events 3 and 4 and taking an Event 5 win.


Alex Anderson is also returning to the Games for his second year in a row with his brother, Jacob, who qualified in the Atlantic Regional.

Like Eramo, Zak Carchedi, is no newcomer to regional action.  Finally, in year three he can call himself a CrossFit Games competitor.

After a disappointing finish and nearly qualifying for the Games in last years regional, Sam Dancer, was able to edge out Will Moorad by five points to snag the fifth and final qualifying spot.  This will be Dancer’s first individual appearance at the CrossFit Games. He competed on a team in 2014.



  1. Sheila Barden (565)
  2. Stacie Tovar (564)
  3. Brooke Wells (558)
  4. Jennifer Smith (525)
  5. Kristi Eramo (517)



  1. Scott Panchik (582)
  2. Jacob Heppner (566)
  3. Alex Anderson (540)
  4. Zak Carchedi (512)
  5. Sam Dancer (478)



  1. CrossFit Mayhem Freedom (815)
  2. CrossFit 417 (719)
  3. OC3 Black (715)
  4. Timberwolf CrossFit (706)
  5. Three Kings Black (694)


See you at the Games!


Meridian Regionals

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