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We sat with Aaron Landes from CrossFit Lando in Charlestown, MA to learn more about his business and his most successful sales strategies

By Built by Strength October 20, 2016
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1. Introduce yourself, your business and tell us your story

My name is Aaron Landes. I am the owner of CrossFit Lando in Woburn and CrossFit Lando Charlestown in Charlestown, MA. I opened the Woburn location in January 2013 and CFL Canal Park in Cambridge in August 2015 which moved this past September to Charlestown. We bought the former Avalon CrossFit for our new home for Canal Park.

I coached college baseball before CrossFit and like many, found it as I yearned for something different and better but also while conditioning for an attempted foray into the Army Special Forces program which I ended up not doing due to an eye-sight issue. All things happen for a reason, however, as I found myself jobless but in love with CF (this was in 2010). So I walked into a gym to workout, got a job there 2 weeks later after flying to Mississippi for my cert, and here I am!

Fun fact…that gym was the same Avalon CF that we would eventually buy, as I lived in Charlestown like I still do!

2. How did you decide to become a partner and start selling supplements?

A dear friend was starting with them as they started out and just asked me to hear him and his former partners’ sales pitch. From day 1 I thought the platform/idea was EXACTLY what all gym owners needed, but especially CF ones. I think it’s a great way of getting supplements to our members and coaches alike. I use it myself!

3. How did you earn your first supplement sales?

Legit, I just posted about it on our blog and put a permanent link on our website.

4. Tell us about your sales strategy. What digital tools and/or in-gym marketing do you use to promote your online powered supplement store?

I have a link posted on our homepage right to the portal. In the gym, I have the provided flyers and postcards displayed around the areas where the members are. Then I include my store link in posts when I am posting in depth about nutrition of some kind.

5. What are your top recommendations for other Partners?

EVERYONE takes or should be taking supplements, bare minimum protein and fish oil. So introduce them at the start to this need and focus on educating them on WHY they need supplements in general. We know that there is a very real, practical reason why you HAVE to take your whey within 45 minutes post session and the positive use of fish oil. Obviously everyone has their own other things they use, but stick to the core/basics.

THEN, when your members understand the need, be honest about the fact that is legit 100% mutually beneficial. Easy to use system, delivers right to them, and benefits the gym too. 

If a gym wants their coaches to be sales reps, that’s fine. We don’t, as I don’t want our coaches pushing things at the gym nor that they need to. 

REGARDLESS, the first people who should be educated on why supplementation is important and on in general are all of your employees.

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To learn more about Aaron and CrossFit Lando visit and follow them @crossfitlando 

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