How To Host a Sampling in your Gym

Here are all of the key elements you’ll need to organize and run a great supplement sampling at your gym and earn more sales to your online supplement store.

By Built by Strength October 26, 2016
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Your clients value your expertise to help them reach their goals, so make an effort to be seen using your favorite supplements during the day and keep your shaker cup handy. Also, order a sample kit and organize a tasting in your gym. Getting great tasting, quality sports nutrition products like CATALYST in front of your current customers is a proven way to promote your online store and make sales.

Here are all of the key elements you’ll need to organize and run a great supplement sampling at your gym and earn more sales to your online supplement store.

Ordering a sample kit is a simple, cost effective way to introduce your members and clients to high quality sports nutriton products and make sales on the spot. The Sample Kit includes 4 select CATALYST Supplements with your chocie of flavors and is available to you for 68% off the regular retail price. Contact your Sales Manager to arrange the order of your sample kit.

Catalyst By Strength Sample Kit

Set up the pouring station. Use either a bar-type arrangement or a few tables to be your main staging area. Use small sized dixie cups to sample out the various products to keep waste to a minimum and maximize the yield of your supply. Also, have a trash can or waste bin handy instead of just a loose a garbage bag flopped on the floor to dispose of the used cups.

Always have the product bags facing out and make an effort to keep the presentation looking neat, tidy and professional. This also allows a more informed, potential customer to examine the supplement facts of each product. Also, create a one-pager and include details about the products available for tasting and a line or two explaining what is unique about each, such as its premium ingredients or claims.

Unlike sample stations at large expos or trade shows, you don’t need bulky, professional mixing equipment to be effective. Use small refrigerators behind the bar or coolers with ice concealed under the tables to keep your water, almond-milk and shaker bottles chilled. Assign someone to be incharge of mixing up new batches to ensure you always have fresh, chilled samples to distribute.

-If you have a blender and a little creativity, you can add a greater level to the sampling experience by making your favorite smoothie recipes and sampling that out to your members.  This can be a great way for them to gain a new appreciation for the product that you’re selling.

-Shakes almost always taste better with regular milk or almond milk versus just mixing with water. Be advised, if you choose to sample with any cool liquid other than water, just be sure to fully inform everyone of what you’re handing them before they drink it.  Especially if there are allergy restrictions involved.

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