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Protein – The Ultimate Ingredient to a Healthy Body

Protein supplementation is vital to achieve enhanced fitness and an overall healthier you.


Congratulations! Through each box squat, sumo deadlift and front lever – you powered through. You’ve now paved the way for your strength gains to increase. However, the work isn’t finished after leaving the box.

We have two words for you: Protein supplementation. Protein is arguably the most prevalent buzzword in the vast landscape of the fitness world and there are many explanations why.

Protein supplementation is vital to achieve enhanced fitness and an overall healthier you. Here’s why.

Protein Helps You Recover Faster

With each set of lifts, your muscles tear down to allow room for regeneration. In order to recover in time to hit the box again tomorrow, those muscular tears need to be refilled in with amino acids. Amino acids work to help rebuild muscle faster so you can avoid the tenderness that can be experienced after a hard training session. For dedicated athletes, this rapid recovery is crucial in allowing them to train each day and continue to make progress in their fitness.

Protein Increases Your Muscle Mass

Your body is constantly losing or gaining muscle. Consuming protein increases muscle protein synthesis, so each time you take it, muscle development is stimulated. Time and again, studies show that those who consume higher levels of protein possess increased lean muscle mass.

Working out and protein supplementation are both sure-fire ways to build muscle. When done in conjunction with one another, they have a synergistic effect on muscle development. Studies have shown that proteins derived from dairy such as whey or casein are more effective for muscle building than their plant-based counterparts such as pea, rice and soy. High levels of lean muscle are essential to achieving higher levels of fitness and breaking personal records and this is why protein consumption is vital to any athlete.

Protein Will Help You Lose Weight

High levels of protein have been shown to decrease hunger, as protein is highly nutritious and filling. For a new athlete, weight loss is often an important goal and thus, taking protein aids in the realization of their fitness ambitions. Consuming a macronutrient rich diet of low carbohydrates and high protein and healthy fats is the optimal way to lose weight and gain muscle.

Furthermore, with increased strength gains, comes a higher metabolic rate. This means that the more muscle you gain from supplementing with protein, the faster your metabolism will be. It doesn’t take a scientist to know that a faster metabolism can equate to increased weight loss and utilization of calories.

Studies have further shown that consumption of high-quality protein is linked with decreased levels of belly fat in participants, so the trick to getting those washboard abs you’ve always dreamed of may involve a little more than doing crunches on the daily.

Protein Increases Your Bone Density

Milk really does build strong bones! Studies show that a high-protein diet may support healthy bone density levels. Branch-chain amino acids are in charge of building bones and increased protein consumption aids in the development of hormones that regulate bone metabolism. Take protein derived from dairy such as whey to play an active role in your bone health.

Protein Enhances Your Brain Function

Did you know that you can nourish your most utilized organ with protein? High-quality protein provides ingredients necessary to produce chemical messengers that aid in your energy production, cognition and appetite production. As you age, cognition becomes increasingly taxed and consuming protein can provide a line of defense against many age-related brain conditions.

Protein Will Increase Your Quality of Sleep

Are you up all night tossing and turning? Do you lay awake in bed for hours before you finally drift off into dreamland? To be the best version of yourself in the daylight, you need to recharge each night. Increasing your protein intake can help you achieve a more restful sleep each night, which will allow you to perform at your highest level at the box in the morning.

The link between protein and sleep comes from its role in promoting a balance of chemical transmitters in your brain. This harmony allows you to be chipper during the day and tired in the evenings, so you can be sure to enjoy a deep and regenerating sleep that won’t have you clicking the snooze button in the morning.

Consumption of protein has a lasting effect on harmony in your body’s ecosystem. Just one scoop of’s Grass Fed Whey Protein will provide you with the amino acids necessary to not only increase your strength gains, but also promote balance within your entire body. So what’s stopping you? Get shaking!