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Catalyst by is now officially BuiltByStrength.

By Built by Strength July 25, 2019
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For years, you’ve enjoyed the Catalyst by brand, and the products associated with it. Our chocolate and vanilla grass-fed whey protein, Lifebox vitamin-pack, Recovery formula, supercharging Pre-Workout, and more. We’ve committed to creating high quality supplements to help athletes fuel their best performance, and live healthy lives.

As the brand grows, the name has to evolve to better reflect our product values, beliefs, and mission:

Catalyst by is now officially BuiltByStrength.

We feel this brand perfectly embodies everything that we stand for, and plan to offer you, as a dedicated athlete. The beauty is that BuiltByStrength can mean something different for everyone. Strength is not just measured by the size of your muscles, how much you can squat, or how fast you are. Strength is so much more. Whether you’re a professional athlete, high schooler starting to lift weights, CrossFit athlete, strongman, yogi, or endurance athlete – you have strength.

We believe that true strength is built over time, through hard work, grind, and perseverance. No – we know that it is.

Strength is built by hard work – commitment – sweat – dedication – constant learning – consistency – repetition – passion – mental strength – discipline – pain.

We are all BuiltByStrength. Let us support yours.

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