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We are thrilled to be able to provide a wealth of nutritional knowledge to you through our partnership.

Why become a partner?

When you chose to get into this industry, you knew you were onto something life changing.

Similar to any personal revamp, big changes are necessary in order for someone who engages in mild physical activity to turn into a lean muscle bodybuilder. For gym owners and trainers, this entails educating your members on the endless merits of willpower and dedication.

As you know, offers a wealth of information across training, nutrition, prevention, recovery, mental strength, workout supplements and growing your business –  all available to you through our partnership.

Finding success as an entrepreneur (yes, that’s you) in the fitness world requires a combination of many elements – but one of the most important is the success and satisfaction of your clients. The support of a strong community, a dedicated and well equipped coach and proper supplementation create this foundation for success. works with you to support each of these components – with a forum for your athletes to engage with others, resources supporting your training and other topics and quality workout supplements you can directly recommend to your clients in a customized nutrition plan, is backing you all the way.

Happy clients mean they will likely stick around, but as a trainer or gym owner, there’s always room for additional income. offers you an opportunity for just that. How? sets up an online personalized nutrition store for you. There’s no managing inventory, no up-front investment and we handle shipping. Simply choose from leading brands like Bulletproof, Natrol, SFH and more, select only what you want to offer on your online store from and customize your supplement recommendations for your clients directly within the platform. Did we mention you get 20% commission on every product sold from your store? The supplements will be delivered directly to your clients, so they have the proper fuel to help them reach their goals, and you have an alternate revenue stream for your business. gives you a 20% commission on all sales referred by you and your coaches. Currently, our partners average 15 subscription orders per month, adding up to a $375 per month in additional revenue. You not only get commission on new orders, but will continue to earn 20% residual commission each month from existing subscriptions for life!

At, our primary goal is to provide members of your and our community with the proper supplementation vital to thriving both inside and outside the gym. We hope to be your #1 destination for all things related to nutritional supplementation.

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