Whether you’re a long-standing Partner or new to our platform, it’s crucial to consistently find measurable ways to promote your online store, generate more traffic and ultimately make more sales. Here are 7 proven marketing tips that any trainer, coach or gym owner can use to boost sales through their custom store over the next 7 Days.

Day 1: Complete Your Profile

Taking just 15-20 minutes to fully complete your account dramatically improves the look and feel of your online store and seamlessly blends into your businesses current brand image to optimize your ability to convert sales. Haven’t set up your account? Sign up here.

Day 2: Know Your Code

Your unique, custom URL or code is the lifeblood of your online store – the more visitors the better. Include your code and link in the bio or profile description on all of your social media accounts. Have it displayed in your gym’s high traffic areas like the front desk or in the change rooms. Also, make sure you include it on any materials that you distribute to your clients and members like schedules, newsletters, etc.

Day 3: Spread the Word

Think back to when you first started your business. Your friends and family were likely the first people you told…you didn’t keep it a secret. Consider this a new launch of your business and generate some buzz. Write a press release, send an Eblast, post on all of your social media channels and tell your clients and members that your online store is open and you can save them money today.

Day 4: Send A Plan

Utilizing’s ‘Send A Plan’ feature is the most convenient, targeted and proven way for you to generate sales. In just a few clicks you’re able to send a customized supplementation plan to your clients. It’s the perfect compliment to the quality service that you already provide, plus it’s proven to generate a 25% increase in sales conversions.

Day 5: Walk the Walk

Your clients value your expertise to help them reach their goals, so make an effort to be seen using your favorite supplements during the day. Also, organize a tasting in your gym. Getting great tasting, quality sports nutrition products like BuiltByStrength in front of your current customers is a proven way to promote your online store and make sales.

Day 6: Talk the Talk

When it comes to Ecommerce, potential customers often need to see the product in action before taking that final step and making a purchase. So make supplements and their use a part of your regular social media strategy. Share your favorite whey protein smoothie recipes, review a favorite flavor of recovery drink – anything that adds value for your followers and demonstrates how the product fits into their daily fitness lifestyle. We’ve also got quite a few on our site to get your started.

Day 7: Grow Your Reach

Submitting blog articles to can open the door to greater views and hits for your online store, far beyond your current members and clients. A simple 500 word guest post can cover your top 10 muscle building exercises or a list of your favorite high protein foods, etc. Ecommerce is all about generating traffic and sharing a story in your field of expertise is an easy, no cost way to earn a larger reach for your online store. Have an article in mind? Submit it here.