We’ve got a mix of recipes from the BuiltByStrength Kitchen and our partners around the country. Dig in and don’t forget to use VALENTINE35 for 35% off your order!

Chocolate Protein Cake & Frosting

Our partner, Danielle Gunnin says ‘Treat yo self for Galentine’s Day. 💕A yummy Chocolate Protein Cake topped with Chocolate Protein Mousse for you and your girls to “eat your hearts out” ! 💗”

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V-Day Special Protein Packed Pancakes

Pancakes don’t have to be a guilty pleasure. In fact, they are a perfect food to sneak in some extra protein. So next time you’re craving a stack, whip these up for a sweet treat while fueling your body.

Whether you’re trying to loose fat or gain muscle, this pancake recipe will be perfect to save for later. Enjoy them for a delicious guilt-free breakfast or on-the-go snack!

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Chocolate Covered Strawberries Protein Smoothie

Love is in the air with this Chocolate Covered Strawberries protein smoothie. 😍 And just in time for Valentine’s Day. Grab the recipe from our partner Reese Woods.

Nutella Protein Spread

Protein Nutella? YES, PLEASE! Perfect for a Valentine’s Day breakfast or snack! This spread is great on toast, with berries or mix in warm oats.

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Protein Chocolate Strawberry Brownies

From our partner Sarah Riley – Chocolate, Teddy Bears & Strawberries are the go to for Valentines Day ❤️ Don’t sabotage your diet this holiday, make your self some delicious @builtbystrength Protein Chocolate Strawberry Brownies!!🍓🍫❤️

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Protein Parfait

P R O T E I N + Yogurt + 🍓+ Granola = 😋 . Perfect snack to prep in advance to help you stay on track. Mix the protein and yogurt in a bowl and then add your favorite fruit and granola. Save for later!

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