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Nut-butter Protein Fudge Cups 

By JP April 18, 2017
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What youʼll need: 1/4 cup coconut oil 1/2 nut butter of your choice 2 tbs honey 1 tbs cacao 1 scoop Strength Grass Fed Whey Directions: Directions: Combine into mixing bowl: Coconut Oil, Nut Butter, and Honey. Microwave for 30 seconds. Then stir to make sure everything melts in nicely. (Microwave for additional 15-30 seconds … Continue reading Nut-butter Protein Fudge Cups 

Do You Really Know What’s in Your Protein?

By JP March 30, 2017
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It is not unusual to find unwanted ingredients mixed in with your protein powder.  There have been numerous cases including the one pictured below where people have found high doses of lactose (and other contaminants) within their protein powder leading to allergic reactions and other unwanted harmful effects. Read more to find out what we … Continue reading Do You Really Know What’s in Your Protein?